Creality sent me a faulty printer: won’t answer

  • Hello everyone! I shall list my grievances below so perhaps another user may find some comfort or, even better, help me more than this company ever has.

    I bought a CR10S5 in March of 2021. It was a large investment as I’m sure you all know. Well, because of the needs of the customers I have, I needed to swap out the stock hot end. That’s when things immediately went sour.
    The grub screw was over tightened and stripped in the factory. It was impossible to get the thing apart. So, I did what anyone who just dropped nearly 800 dollars on a piece of equipment would do. I contacted after sales to ask if a ![alt text](image url)replacement hot end could be sent out.


    When they did respond, they asked for the usual information and suggested I leveled the bed. Fantastic. I ended up having to buy a full replacement hot end assembly.


    Next problem: it simply would not level. No matter what I did. I ended up with horrible bruising on my hands and wrists trying to get the thing going. Eventually it was as good as I would ever get it.
    I gently cleaned the bed, had it preheated, checked the leveling again and!!! Nothing. Nothing would print. After funneling more and more money and time into the beast and a near 40 part back and forth email chain to what accounts for customer service, I’ve dropped easilly another 400 on trying to breathe life into this printer. To no avail. Once they’ve sent me a replacement part, and it was the wrong one. Now, they’ve promised me other “accessories” which are nowhere to be seen and untraceable. And then when I have finally had enough and ask for my money back since my customers bailed, and I basically set money on fire, they tell me it’s out of the window for returns. The WHAT NOW? I brought up this issue the day I got the printer, kept them informed, and they wasted my time to get me out of the return window?

    Bed won’t level
    Hot end stripped and unusable
    Extruder motor doesn’t function properly
    Materials won’t stick to bed
    Wont maintain temperature on bed or extruder

  • Dear @3dmkemaker

    Thanks for the suggestions, we will keep following on the issue, and find the best way to make it better.

  • Dear @BlakeH

    I have got the feedback from our after-sale team, the second batch replacement part was sent to you on 26 June, the tracking number is LY824674998CN, they will arrive at you soon. We will try our best to solve the problem of the machine. We will keep following on it. If the machine still can't work with new replacement parts, please leave your message here again. Thanks for your support.

  • @admin the OP stated that you guys have done nothing and the S5 is an expensive machine. This looks bad for business.

  • @admin I’ve emailed after service at the address service.creality, I’ve been patient, I’ve tried again and again to fix this printer on my own. They offered replacement parts and I’ve yet to see them. I need to contact someone in a PR department. This has gone on for months and I am honestly disgusted.

  • Dear BlakeH,

    Sorry to hear that, we will follow this issue. Could you please confirm that if you send your email or request to our ? This is very important, this is our official after-sale team email address.

    If not contact our email address, please send an email with the SN code, fault information, order screenshot and purchase link. We will give you a quick reply.