V2 Coated bed cleaning

  • Hi, Im using V2 Black coated Bed. Sometimes prints don't stick, but if i run the same print again a few times they stick much better.
    I believe that by printing the first layer a few times the bed cleans itself.
    HOW do i clean the bed properly?
    Is isopropyl alcohol 90% recomended?
    Water and soap?
    A dry cloth?

    I can't find any official information. Online people have been using isopropyl alcohol 70% and a yellow stain would apear in their rags. I believe this could be the coating wearing off, since if you accidentally scratch the bed a yellow dust comes off.

    Can you ask to your chemicals dealers what should we use?

    Thank you very much!

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  • @Cristian

    You can try to clean the platform with other cleaning agents, as long as it does not damage the platform. You can also heat the hot bed to 60 degrees before cleaning. You can use solid glue or hair spray to increase the viscosity of the platform

  • @admin thank you admin! I tried using water, but it doesn't remove PLA stuck on the surface. Is there any other product I could use?

    On a side note, can I use hair spray on top of the black coated bed to make it more sticky?

  • @Cristian

    It is not recommended to use isopropyl alcohol to clean the platform board, please use water for cleaning.

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