RE: CR-10 Smart Firmware Update

  • I'm trying to do the firmware update with my CR-10 Smart.

    Current Setup with HW 1.06

    I downloaded the firmware files for the mainboard and the screen.

    I followed the instruction on the PDF file and formatted the SD card to FAT 32 with the only the firmware.bin file in the card.

    Printer is off and inserted the SD card and turn on the power switch at the back and press the on/off button. The printer boot up but it's not doing the firmware update.

    I wait for about 10 to 15 seconds and the printer will boot into the normal screen.
    Check the device information. It's still on HW 1.06.

    I try it few times it's still the same issue. Not updating.

    I also watch the tutorial video is firmware_name.hex but the firmware file is firmware_name.bin
    Not too sure do I need to rename from .bin to .hex ?

    Anyone did able to flash the firmware to HW 1.07 and also flash the screen?

    Any suggestion ? Thanks in advance.


  • Hi all,
    My Creality CR-10Smart printer is on firmware version 1.0.10.
    Recently, the percentage display is not functioning, it only shows 0% from starting until the end.

    Does anyone having same issue here??

  • @Raymond812 has anyone got it running with the brand new version?

  • @davidgraham Replacing the extruder with an all metal version made a big difference on my printer.

  • @Yolanda Please can you help?

    Dear All,

    By checking the 16 spacer between the bed and the carriage. I noticed that their dimensions vary between 13.82 and 14.12 mm or 3/10 mm gap.

    Did you notice the same thing?
    And is ABL able to compensate for this type of gap?
    I always have some issue with bed leveling, may be it's one of the reason?

    I would like to try with silicon spacer but with rigid solution (3D printing part) with same dimension should be work?

    What's you'r advise?

  • @rattlehead Yes you are right, even if i set up temparature above 120 C° with pronterface, the temperature decrease by 10 C° and fluctuate.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @rattlehead I've already had to replace mine, as you say, the plastic case on the stock extruder is junk. Mine cracked so badly it would no longer 'grip' the filament, resulting in almost every print failing.

    Disappointing for a product thats only about 3 months old

  • @goombah88 I understand the extruder upgrade. I've only had 12 successful prints from this printer and the casing for the extruder is cracking all to pieces.
    I guess I need to take a few pics and talk to customer support.

  • @rattlehead SD Card. Haven't messed with Octo yet. I do plan to switch around the USB though so I can plug into pronterface and calibrate my esteps when I get a new extruder (planned upgrade).

  • @goombah88 Are you printing from an sdcard or have you switched around the USB to accommodate an octopi?

  • @christian3d75 I had major issues with those. I would recommend going to 1.0.10. I've been printing great with it for the past week.

  • @goombah88 hi, where can i get firmware 1.0.6 or 1.0.7?

  • I wish Creality had created a case for the lcd that had an opening on the right hand side for the sdcard slot.
    It would have made flashing the lcd a bit easier. I guess it's Dremel time.

  • @Yolanda I think Christophe95 is talking about when you run an auto level by itself without a print. The nozzle used to stay at a constant 120c the entire time.
    In the 1.10 firmware it fluctuates from about 120c to 110c.

  • Successfully flashed the 1.0.10 version into display and board. But I have some questions.

    1. Why during the auto leveling the temperature drop at 120 C and goes down at 110 C during process?

    2. The autoleveling has to be done with cold bed or hot bed ? I always do it with hot bed on my Ender 3 V2, so I don't understand why is not the same in case of CR10 smart.

    3. How can used the Aux leveling, there are 5 points but no possibilities to adjust mecanicaly?

    4. How can adjut PID, there is no autotune?

    5. I like to have a sound for start and finish print with M300 function in start and end gcode, M300 seem to be not activated in the firmware?

    I adjust X axes, tighten all screw, but continue to have bad bed levelling.

    Thank for your help.

  • @Ferrar1n Hi, when the machine is anto leveling, the temperature of the nozzle will drop naturally. when the auto leveling is finished, the printer will automatically heat up to the nozzle temperature required for printing, and this is the normal operation of the machine.

  • @Interceptor777 I'm with you man. If Creality would just release the firmware a lot of these issues would be fixed by the community. My Ender 3-Max never quite worked right until third party firmware came along.

  • @Ferrar1n Yeah, i'm scratching my head on that one too. Long ago I commented out the line that drops the temp...

    ;M109 S{first_layer_temperature[0]-50} ; set temporary nozzle temp to prevent oozing during homing

    I can't figure out how to stop it from going to the center and touching the build plate before every print. Since it's already up to temp I have to watch it because it'll leave a little blob of filament on the build plate. I'd hate for that to affect the print. If it's not in the gcode it must be in the firmware. @Creality, please give us control over this "feature".

  • @Ferrar1n That is a shame to hear. This is exactly the kind of problem which can be fixed extremely easily if we had the source code of the firmware which Creality is legally required to make available.

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