RE: CR-10 Smart Firmware Update

  • I'm trying to do the firmware update with my CR-10 Smart.

    Current Setup with HW 1.06

    I downloaded the firmware files for the mainboard and the screen.

    I followed the instruction on the PDF file and formatted the SD card to FAT 32 with the only the firmware.bin file in the card.

    Printer is off and inserted the SD card and turn on the power switch at the back and press the on/off button. The printer boot up but it's not doing the firmware update.

    I wait for about 10 to 15 seconds and the printer will boot into the normal screen.
    Check the device information. It's still on HW 1.06.

    I try it few times it's still the same issue. Not updating.

    I also watch the tutorial video is firmware_name.hex but the firmware file is firmware_name.bin
    Not too sure do I need to rename from .bin to .hex ?

    Anyone did able to flash the firmware to HW 1.07 and also flash the screen?

    Any suggestion ? Thanks in advance.


  • Thank you! I was getting pretty frustrated trying to get it to update. I had to hold the power button down for the whole update process, main board and display. Hope this helps anyone else having issues updating.

    It is weird that their help video shows a different version too. Oh well.

  • After spending few hours of trying out different SD and microSD cards finally I got it all straighten it now.

    The tricky part is need to find a small size of memory card and have to be format into FAT32.
    The video instruction is a bit off. It's not the *.hex it's the *.bin.
    Also the instructions are not that clear. For flashing the printer you need to press and hold the power on button like 5 sec to let it do the firmware flashing. If you just power it on it won't work.

    Hope this can help someone else might having the same issue.

    Happy Printing 😃

  • I got it all straighten it now.

    Flashed with the HW 1.07 and Screen to T19 with the Shutdown function.

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