SD card problem (noob)

  • I cant seem to put anything on my SD card and everything that was on it has vanished, any ideas?

  • Not sure about your model and firmware etc, but I find pulling the card from the printer without switching the printer off is a fast way to get a blank unformatted sdcard,
    If you have the option in your printer menus to eject/unmount/release the card could try using it before pulling the card from now on, see if your files stop dissapearing. If your firmware does not have #define NO_SD_HOST_DRIVE option or similar, then you might be stuck with just turning off the printer every time you want to eject the card

  • Dear @caitgems1

    1,Please make sure the memory capacity of SD card is within 16GB, including 16GBB
    2,Please format the SD card by CMD command (Start="Run="Enter command to enter DOS system (win7 system enter cmd), enter format/q g:/fs:fat32/a:4096)
    3,Please use Arabic numbers and English words to name the Gcode file, the total character length of the file name should not exceed 16 characters.
    4, if all above are not useful to solve the problem, please replace a new SD card

  • @caitgems1 would love to help, but need something more to go on here. You're talking about the SD card that came with it? Maybe the slider switch on the side of the card got moved to "lock"? Maybe you formatted it by mistake/without realizing?
    It's probably safest to insert the SD card with the machine turned off, since these printers keep some settings saved on the card and read them on startup.
    Another shot in the dark: these printers don't like big SD cards, but up to 32gb should be ok.

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