CR-200 END Script Issue

  • Re: CR-200B Teething issues


    This issue still affecting users using M140 S0. Can you share the end script for this printer?


  • For the CR-200B, we can't public the open source, sorry for that.

    why don't you answer marian question? Marlin is gpl! I should choose printers for school, the CR-200b would have been great, but uninteresting without open firmware ...
    a shame, but then another company does the business

  • @admin said in CR-200 END Script Issue:

    For the CR-200B, we can't public the open source, sorry for that.

    What do you mean with that??? FW is based on Merilin which is GNU GPL. So you are telling us that you are stealing from Merilin project???

  • aahh no, the M140 S0 gcode is it only S0 that causes "the machine can't complete this command" or can it be as low as S1 or S5, so M140 S1, that would work to fix it ? or it should be set to above room temperature? so setting S28 when room is 26 would fix it??

    I think you mean that if the M140 Sxx is below the room temperature the command will never complete because the firmware has not be programmed to understand S0 as off. Which is wierd, but hey that firmware has problems. So if room is 26 celsius, then set M140 S28 will allow it to complete because the firmware needs fixing, this is correct? ok I think we got it.

    Sorry I thought you were trying to tell me to set my room to 50 Celsius but you meant M140 S50 got you, thank my lucky stars for that! I thought was going to be very hot and sweaty in my room if I wanted the printer to complete the M140 Sxx command for a moment there 🙂

  • Dear @BaDboD

    Please set the room temperature or 50 degrees Celsius, the hot bed heating can print better, the material can adhere to the printing platform better, set to 0 degrees Celsius, printing errors. 10 or 5 will not work.

  • @admin
    Would lower setting like 10 or 5 degree still work? It is only 0 (zero Celsius) it will hang? Maybe even 1 would work to complete?

  • Dear @carnevale

    M140 S0 means set the temperature of the hot bed to 0 degree Celsius, which makes the machine can't complete this command, so it keeps hanging there, because the machine has no cooling function and can't make the temperature of the hot bed change to 0 degree Celsius, please set the temperature to room temperature or 26 degree Celsius or 30 degree Celsius

    For the CR-200B, we can't public the open source, sorry for that.

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