Dead switch and loose build plate

  • I wasn't aware the switch was supposed to illuminate as mine never did. Happened to see it flicker once and read up to find it was a known issue. Also found that the right rear roller would loosen significantly about every third print. Emailed on the 31st and did not get a response. On 9/2, I found that my switch had completely died. No power delivery so I emailed again.

    I'm now left with a printer that won't power on, requires more maintenance than my Ender 3 and no response from a company touting a 24 hour response time on the Kickstarter page. I'm now going in to the third day without so much as an automated reply.

  • @kd2270

    Seems this model printer CR-6 SE was RUSHED.

    1. Failure to boot was because the OEM switch. There is no way this device was QA reviewed. The blade of the switch was so loose, it pulled free during removal of the base plate and had to be removed from the spade receiver coupler.

    This has been resolved at my own cost by replacing the switch with a quality replacement. See here for the originals condition at removal


    1. This is due to the rear eccentric nut. Yes, tightening does resolve the issue, briefly.

    After ~3-4 prints, the issue returns. Occasional maintenance is expected - yes. My issue is that these prints were less than 2 hours each. I finf it hard to believe that this printer needs to be tightened every 5 hours of print use. If so, how is it expected to complete a longer print job?

    Below are the emails i have sent in to the requested address which had gone without response.


  • Dear @kd2270

    1. Does not boot, please refer to the video to check:

    2. Is the pulley loose? Please tighten the bias nut with a wrench

  • Dear @kd2270

    Our specific email for CR-6 SE is, this email we will reply within 24 hours.

    And I am asking our engineer for your issues. Wait a moment please.

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