My Ender 6 not responding to modified g-code

  • Hi there.
    I'm using the Cura sofware bundle that came with my Ender 6 printer. It has given me great results however I have a problem.
    If I add built in gcode commands from Cura like - Pause at layer 4 or any other available command, my printer does not pause at the place where I added the command. It just goes on to finish the whole print.
    How can I get my Ender yo carry out those commands that are built in yo Cura?

  • @ReggieN I came across issues getting it to pause too.

    I noticed there were at least 2 different plugins to try:

    • Filament Change
    • Pause at Height

    Just playing around with these 2 now.
    Filament Change doesnt seem to add anything to the gcode.
    Pause at Height does add a bunch of things -- seems more promising.

    I'm really kicking myself, i just can't remember what i ended up doing.. whether i even got it to work with one of these plugins, or if i finally did it manually somehow.

    Guess it doesnt help much, but just wanted to let you know it's not just you/your machine!

  • Hi there.
    Thanks for your advice.
    I have already tried the G-code add option in CURA and specified the layer/height etc. The printer does not pause at the settings i enter. It just carries on and prints the entire model.
    I aware of the "manual method" but I would like my printer to function "properly" and pause when the G-code settings are added.
    My previous 2 Creality printers (CR20 Pro and CR10-V2) worked perfectly in that regard.
    Just strange that the Ender 6 foes not.

  • Dear @ReggieN

    1, you can change the Gcode command in the CURA setting, cura>Extend>Post Processing>Modify GCODE>Add a script>Specify the height to pause printing.
    2, directly click to pause printing, then release the extrusion clamp, pull out the material quickly, replace another color consumables, push to the nozzle out, and then click to continue printing, you can also achieve the effect of the manual material change

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