Wiring an ENDER 3D new board question

  • Hi all ,

    Newbie here and to 3D printers, I bought an Ender 3D (kit) .. my first 3D printer 👶
    I was advised to install a 'silent'motherboard.

    Stupid me, I didn't make a very clear picture of the old situation.
    I connected the new V4.2.7 and now I have one (positive input power) wire left.

    I vaguely remember that one fan wire was connected to a hotbed wire and that the (now loose) wire to the positive fan output.. my guess is that the fan is then always on.

    this is the current situation

    pls advise before I proceed this build , thanks 🙄

  • INSTA957.jpg

    it's a start 👶

  • @lwsmiser doesnt help that they also use lead free, after a relativly short period of time it tends to fracture and spread under compression, so now both the wire and solder fragments are literally falling out of the connector.

  • @lwsmiser


    it's working, and yesterday printed my first thing.
    lot's to read and learn (and modify)


  • thank you all.. I solved it and the printerkit is working .. 👍

  • You probably have realized that Creality tins all the leads on its boards. This is not an acceptable practice for the wires of high amperage which are the main leads from the PSU and those to the heaters. The connectors in the high green blocks are intended for BARE STRANDED WIRE because the should be clamped down flat against the flat connector contacts. This makes the flow of the high currents even across the connection. Tinned wires cannot be properly clamped and cause localized heating which can generate too much heat for the plastic blocks and melt or even start fires. Please remove the tinned ends and reterminte with bare wires for your own safety.

  • Dear @NooB3D

    Please refer to the following motherboard wiring picture for wiring, or refer to the motherboard function diagram on the last page of the manual that came with the SD card for wiring-Page 23

    V4.2.2 and V4.2.7 wiring is the same


  • HI,
    As stated by @lwsmiser , not sure what that spare red wire is, trace it and make sure it is a fan, dont connect it to anything until you know what it is.

    when looking at the 4.2.7 board with the Creality text the right way up, all the red + positive, yellow wire go to the left. in your picture, see the big + by the 24V power leads, next to it you can just see the little + on the first pin of the row of connectores, all the others follow with red to the left, yellow is + but the connector only really goes in one way so thats as easy one.

    So they look correct to me 🙂

    so red wires for all fan without connectors go into plus on the very left, black wires in the - next to it., then bed wires, red/black (as you have it), then hotend, both red fiberglass covered any way round.

    you should have no loose wires. Trace that 'spare' red

    Not sure why a fan would be attached to bed power unless you only wanted it on if the bed was heating, and it would be on and off all the time as bed turns on/off to maintain temperature, or PWM if using PID.

    It also looks too stout to be a fan wire. soething that thick is meant to carry a fair amount of current. not seen that on an Ender 3 before, so could be specific to your Ender if not a 3

  • Don't make assumptions. Trace the wire and see where the other end is. That should tell you something about where it should take its power.
    You weren't clear on which printer you have. Ender 3?

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