Replacement lead screw - which one ?

  • The lead screw on my 2 week old Ender 6 has a bit of a bend. I already contacted the seller and Creality (yet to hear back) to get a replacement.

    This will probably take a while, so in the meantime i would like to just get one from Amazon (they're like $10), but have no idea which type/size/pitch to get.

    So, which lead screw should i get ?

    thank you.

  • @Pasha measured mine:

    • 8mm outside diameter
    • 2mm pitch (distance between threads)
    • 4 start (if you look at an end, 4 threads start there)
    • 500mm long. You better confirm this since you took yours out

    Googling, it all points to a T8-8 x 500mm long screw, which does seem pretty common. Also found 520mm long screws, but that would stick up outside the frame a bit.

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