Advice - Has anyone used Steadytech PLA as having issues getting settings right

  • I've just bought an Ender-3 V2 and am really impressed with the initial test prints using the sample white PLA. However, when I bought it I also got a 1kg reel of Steadytech black PLA (1.75mm).

    I have tried various nozzle temps, bed temps, speeds, etc. but never seem to get a consistent print. I did a temp tower and that seemed okay (except 185 was a mess). Often the problem is that the print doesn't stick to the bed, so have tried both raising and lowering this (low of 30, high of 70).

    Any advice please?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Dear @Spheniscidae

    1, please refer to the temperature of Steadytech black PLA to set the printhead temperature, PLA printhead temperature is generally 200 degrees Celsius by default, you can properly adjust to 210 degrees Celsius before printing. The temperature of the hot bed is 60 degrees Celsius.
    2, if it is ABS-like material, please set the nozzle temperature to 250 degrees Celsius, the hot bed temperature is set to 80 degrees Celsius, and then print.
    3, the default first layer height of 0.2mm when slicing, re-leveling
    4, apply some solid glue on the carbon silicon crystal glass or heat to 60 degrees Celsius to paste a large sheet of American glue, and then leveling printing.

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