Extruder stepper Hot, Filament slips (E3 V2)

  • Hi Guys,
    when im printing, my stepper Motor gets warm.
    Cause of this, the metal gear gets hot and the filament starts to slip.
    Any solution for this?
    I bought a Metal replacment now and will try to solve it with this. any other solution?

  • @Bosco suggest you have a read and see if this applies


  • err, hmm, thats wierd, it is more like your hot end has a jam than 'slip'. how hot is it? It should get to ~60 or so anyway. Not really sure what is going on there, err, wait, I think , if you remove the lever and look at it close it may have a crack in it. I have seen that before.

    Your metal one will most likely solve it, and should be adjustable so you can get it as tight as you need, though I have never had to tighen the metal ones at all. They are pretty tight to start with. without putting any tension in with the adjuster. I think your problem would be resolved with a new stock plastic one too, but apparently likely to crack at the lever.

    would explain why only when warm, the plastic softens slightly, enough for the crack to expand some and lose grip.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wem3IvQTXqw

    It only happens, when the motor of the Extruder gets warm.

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