CR-10 Smart EEPROM

  • HI,
    Does the CR-10 Smart use on board EEPROM or is it disabled and uses the sdcard to store settings, like bed leveling mesh etc?

  • @admin that is good news, many thanks for your response. I have almost 2 weeks and not even put filament as all prepare will fail. Thank you again for good news about EEPROM

    Is the latest firmware the 1.07 from creality website downloads link?

  • Dear @BaDboD

    The latest firmware will use the onboard EEPROM(please be paitent), the parameters set will be saved on the motherboard EEPROM, not the SD card

  • well, makes no difference about sdcard. Inserted correctly formatted , supplied by Creality sdcard and does the same, sitting there after auto level and any action crashes nozzle into bed.

  • oh, and if on sdcard, which sd-card? I understand there is an sdcard on the built in Creality Cloud Wifi box unit. Does it use this one? If so, when I remove the Creality Cloud Wifi box will it use the sdcard in the front slot instead?

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