Printing gone awry


    Prints up to about 8-9mm then does this. It occurs in everything I try to the same place. After awhile it goes back to printing normally. It makes me think there is a mechanical obstruction and not a gcode or firmware issue. However, I can move each axis and they move effortlessly and smoothly. I am at a loss...could anyone help with this? Thanks very much!

  • @RubiconSC try disconnecting the vertical screw bar at the stepper motor and manually raise and lower. If you have a flat on any rollers or they're too tight against the extrusion you may feel the carriage notch into position. The notch should repeat as you move full travel. Mine was solved by loosening the tension in the rollers but if you have an actual flat you need to replace one or more.

  • Dear @RubiconSC

    Which printer are you using now?

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