Creality 4.2.7 Bootloader doesn't start the update process

  • Hello Forum Colleagues,

    I have an Ender 3 Pro printer, I recently bought a Creality 32-bit v4.2.7 board.

    To update the Marlin (2.0.1) firmware, I did the following steps:

    1 - I downloaded the zipped file from the Creality website.
    File: Ender-3 pro 4.2.7 mainboard firmware (32 bit).zip

    2 - Extract the file Ender-3 Pro - Marlin2.0.1 - V1.4.1 - BLTouch - Filament - TMC2225.bin

    3 - Changed the file name to firmware_20210714.bin

    4 - I formated a 4GB MicroSD card using FAT32

    5 - I copied the firmware file (step 3) to MicroSD card.

    6 - With the printer turned off, I inserted the card

    7 - Turned the printer on

    8 - Nothing happened, no update at all.

    My setup:
    Ender-3 Pro / Creality 32-bit v4.2.7 board / BL-Touch

    Do you know how to make this update process works?

  • @lwsmiser aahh TH3D same as the BTT method. much preferred for my build env.

    @andre-mariano Yes, looks like return the board time. All 4.2.x come with bootloader pre-loaded, so there is something wrong with it. From your photos it seemed you were trying to update with same firmware, but if it wont flash any at all then return. While you may be able to fix it, I wouldnt. Came out of the factory wrong goes back (suggests there may be other factory defects).

  • @BaDboD I have the TH3D EZboard v1.2. Flashing is no problem for me. Filename is always firmware.bin and when flashed the name is changed to FIRMWARE.CUR. I don't know about how the SKR cards handle updates but if the board doesn't have a bootloader or the bootloader is corrupted you may have to reflash the bootloader.
    Some iterations of the bootloader require a new name for each flash. That has the advantage of serialization if you are flashing often to keep track of the changes you have made and to revert to former configurations of your printer.

  • @lwsmiser I just put these sample files to check the board could read the MicroSD files. During my tentatives to flash the board: I left just one file (firmware) on MicroSD card.

    I renamed the Micro SD firmware file using different names:

    • banana.bin
    • firmware.bin
    • firmware1.bin
    • firmware2.bin
    • fin.bin

    Same result: The update process has not started. The .bin wasn't renamed to .cur.

    If the Board unit doesn't have a working bootloader: It's impossible to update the firmware using the MicroSD card.

    Using Creality website firmware = fail
    Compiling my Marlin version = fail

    Unfortunately, this board doesn't have an ISP Pin.

    Also, I have the Silent Board (1.1.5 version): it's a piece of cake to update this board.

    Maybe I am unlucky and I will ask to Creality replace this bootloader damaged board.

  • @lwsmiser Would seem you have a BTT SKR board in your ender 5? could be wrong, but have not seen Creality rename the firmware file before. They tend to store it in flash so they wont flash the same filename again (more sense to me to use the BTT method rather than waste good flash space πŸ™‚ )

  • @andre-mariano

    the file version you show is 1.0.1 and your info screen says 1.0.1, cant see anything wrong. Congratulations

    if you want to flash again, change the name of the file. it needs to be a different name file to the last time. So if it was firm1.bin change it to firm2.bin

    the update process is just a black screen for about 8 seconds then the normal screen, it does not tell you anything about update or show progress bars or anything.

    you are already updated to 1.0.1

    looking at the Creality download site I think that is the latest if you dont have bl-touch , I see much newer downloads on there to support your bl-touch .

    Ender-3 pro Marlin2.0.6 (15 June 2021)
    the unzipped files says for 4.2.7 board with BL-Touch

  • The .bin file should be the first and
    ONLY file on the SD card when you flash the mainboard. Some boards require a different name for each successive flash. My Ender 5 will flash with the same name "firmware.bin" and will change it to "FIRMWARE.CUR" ( FOR CURRENT?) You can change the extension back to .bin if you wish to use the file again.

  • @BaDboD

    Hi all,

    1 – I Formated a small 256mb Micro SD card:


    2 – I’ve put the provided firmware file on MicroSD card:


    3 – Insert the card on printer slot


    4 – Turn the printer on


    5 – The update process is not started



    6 - Checking if board could read files from same MicroSD card:


    I already repeat the same process using different MicroSD cards and different firmware files (old and new). Same results.

    I think this board unit has a damaged bootloader.

  • This post is deleted!

  • download firmware again
    check the firmware has not actually already been updated. by checking version on 'info' screen,
    make sure the filename you use when placing the file on the sdcard is different from last time
    when firmware is updating you get ~8 seconds black screen longer than usual when power on. If not then it is not seeing the .bin file on the sd card or it is the same file name used to update the firmware last time there was a successful update
    Make sure it can read the sd card by putting some .gco files on it. change cards format etc until you can read a card. make sure the board can actually read any sd card and use that card.

    ​format a small SD-card using the default settings button of windows format tool. (any size works with FAT32 4096 Allocation unit size for me) - you did but again,

    place file on card with new-name.bin cant be same as last time but must be.bin.
    power on
    Check version has updated from info screen

    still failing - re download the firmware and try again.

    still failing - change sd card try again

    still failing -change the board try again

    still failing - Give up your not capable πŸ™‚

    ti is a thing with creality that the extra 8 seconds at power on is your only notification of update so it can get missed when first update and take eyes of the printer. As long as you keep changing the file name it will flash the same firmware again and again as long as it can see the .bin file on the sd card and the board is not faulty. Try filename without underscores or any symbol at all just text and numbers, just to be sure. I seem to remember firmware files with long filenames with underscores and hyphens etc and it being fine but hey, yknow , whatever.

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