Ender 5 plus table moves down when it should be moving up.

  • I have an Ender 5 plus that today when I went to start a print the table moves down away from the BL touch when it should be moving up. I tried to level it and it did the same thing only it got even father down. Each time I tried to get it to home it seems to go lower and wont raise. If you try to reset the Z height it will raise the table to the point that it started at but will not go any higher. I'm not sure what caused it or how to get it fixed. Is this a problem with the firm ware?

  • @lwsmiser I just had this problem, Mine was the table sensor . it was blinking and the table would not come up. Replaced sensor and all my problems went away. ( suggestion keep an extra on hand),


  • @telephasic I image something to do with original imports to the now major manufacturing 'hubs' and patents/royalties or some such reason making JST the first sold locally, in those places that have a tendancy to import, copy then mass produce, making JST the local 'houshold' name?

    The Thai word for pen is 'pakar' from the first ever pens sold locally, Parker.

    Just a guess, might be just hard to translate picoblade? Monosyllabic languages tend to have a problem with ,, well,, more than one syllable

  • @BaDboD 😂 yeah you're right, they are more commonly known that way. Worth an edit. Just doing my futile part to not propegate misnomers 😬
    JST being a producer of connectors, but who didn't design and don't even make this kind of connector...
    I've been tryin, but could not come up with a coherent analogy.
    I just have no idea how Molex didn't manage to keep a cool name like "Picoblade" mainstream, and why people found JST to be a better/easier name.

    • If you want to find those connectors on aliexpress or amazon, "JST 1.25 5-pin" is the search term.
    • If you want to find some in a reputable store, or need drawings or spec sheets, it's "Molex Picoblade 5-pin".

  • @telephasic hehe, I think you mean 'more commonly named' (depending on your online shopping preference or availability) 🙂

  • The little one on BL Touch itself is a Molex Picoblade type, or unofficially/incorrectly/knockoff/(edit: although far more commonly) named "JST 1.25" 5-pin.


    If you just need the body, you can probably source that from your favourite electronics shop
    (if you happen to need to order a bunch of other things to make shipping cost worthwhile)
    then use a pin or something small/sharp to open the housing to pull out the existing crimped terminals and snap into the new one.

  • I assume you are talking about the connector on the cable and not the one on the body of the BLTouch. I believe the connectors are tefflon. That is difficult to glue together requiring an acid etch to get a good bond. In addition the crimping of the wires to the very small connectors is an art not easily learned so even if you knew the designation for the connectors getting the crimping done would require more expense than buying a replacement cable. So I suggest you buy a new cable. Here is a link for a 1Meter cable. If you need longer be sure to designate the length. https://www.amazon.com/BLTouch-Servo-Extension-Cable-SM-DU-1000/dp/B07R112MLD

  • @Psychedvike

    BLTouch itself - Micro JST 1.5 ZH 5
    Controller board - JST RE 2.54 (if yours is the single 5 pin type on the controller board) Often sold as XH 2.54 and XH 2.5 will provide a snug fit too.

    To verify the 1.5, 2.5 etc measure from the center of one pin to the center of the next pin. With these tiny ones easier to measure from center of first to center of last pin and divide by number of pins.

  • @lwsmiser You were correct that it was the BL touch. The thing is I moved the gantry when the printer was powered down. The stepper motor generated enough current to fry my BL touch. I replaced the BL touch, but when I removed the hot glue from the connecter it broke the tinny 5 pin connector. It is a very small connector. Much smaller than the standard connectors. I don't know what they are called so I am having trouble sourcing them. The wires and pins are perfect, but the plastics part of the connector split in half. Really stuck on how to fix this!

  • This action happens when the black and white leads are not connected properly. Check the connection on the BLTouch and make sure it is completely engaged. Make sure that there is no tension on the leads from the BLTouch over the whole range of movement of the print head. Tugging on the leads can disengage the connection.

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