CR-10 Smart does auto level turn the heater off after leveling.

  • Hi,
    how to know auto levlel is complete, what shoudl it do? now it goes to center and stays still heating. is it an error and failed? does it need sdcard? any help would be nice. now it stays with heater on, should it turn that off when leveling is complete?

    cannot print, not even put filament in as I do not know if it is ready to print. will try sdcard, but there is nothing I can do if it wont tell me if it is ready. pressing anythiing will make it scratch the bed and damage the nozzle so should it cooldown after succesful leveling, now it does not.

  • tested again with sdcard in, autolevel 'completes'? then returns to center and waits. Any action causes the nozzle nozedive straight into the bed.

    returning for another replacement.

    anyideas while I am waiting for replacement, so I can actually print someting without this 'ramming into bed-return for replacement' cycle being never ending, will help

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