CR-10 Smart after auto level, any action causes head to dive into bed.

  • title says it all. no errors, leveling 'looks' complete, doing anything causes nozzle to dive into bed damaging nozzle and glass bed plate.

    tested with correctly formatted sd card inserted.

    what are we doing wrong, this is second unit I am returning for replacement.

    Searching these forums and from searching the web, everyone else is having the same problem, with no help at all.

  • I am not sure what changed, but now pressing home in Prepare menu does not crash the nozzle after auto level complete, it fails to home correclty but it is an improvement of sorts as it raises the head and tries to home now, X and Y seem to home fine but then it tries to home Z without returning to center, so nozzle would be off the bed anyway, I can see it would not touch bed, but the bed clips interfere with fan duct .

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