CR-10 SMART pressing home X/Y from 'Prepare' tries to home Z in the very front left corner. fails

  • When pressing the Home button from the Prepare menu to home X/Y the printer does home X and Y then tries to home Z off the bed at 0,0 or maybe -1,0. The bed clips prevent this and the nozzle will miss the bed anyway.

    It does not try to return to center of bed to home Z

  • Some tests:

    blocking the light sensor on Z pillar, red light turns off. Moving head down, maybe 5 or 10 mm before nozzle touches bed sensor light turns off. looks correct.

    if the light sensor is blocked presing the nozzle upwards lights a blue light up in the X gantry electroncs box. M119 shows Z stop : TRIGGERED seems correct.

    moving head or bed to end stop M119 shows X / Y : TRIGGERED respectively

    Auto level seems to work fine although I dont know what a succesful leveling should look like.

    Pressing home from the prepare menu at any time either before or after auto level it will home X and Y then try to home Z at -5,-2 off the bed, head is prevented from going too low by blower fan vent on bed clip.

    I would really like to put filament in this and print something, so any help would be appreciated working out what is happening.

    Firmware is 1.07 currently latest version from downloads. so is display firmware.
    board is CRC2405 V1.2.

    I did find on opening the case 4 of the 9 connectorrs were only half way inserted before being glued, 2 were almost falling out, Z1/Z2 but they were working, glue removed so I could insert all cables fully, including gantry cables one of which had been only half way inserted then glued.

    I am pretty sure it is not cables , at least to the controller board. Have not worked out how to open the gantry electronics box. Any tips here would help.

    I am pretty sure this is not the hardware or cables. Auto level does it's thing, to all appearances correctly, though I am not sure if it was a success or not.

    If it is firmware, why is no-one else having the same issues?

    Does any one know what happens after a successful auto leveling? I.E, when the head moves back to center of bed after completing all 16 probe points, should it turn off the heater? should it probe the center again (re-home?) should it raise the nozzle 5mm or so?

    Why, when homing from prepare menu, does it seem unaware it should return the nozzle to center of bed before homing Z? why does it seem unaware of any margin or mesh inset and try to home Z off the bed when it homes fine and moves to the center for auto level?


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