Display Blank

  • I accidentatly plug the cable for the lcd into the wrong port on back of lcd. Now printer comes on with a blank display. I tried re flashing firmware. Is the lcd or board fried. I have 4.2.2 with bltouch.

  • Yo no conecte nada mas mi impresora es semi nueva e igual me paso esto no se porque solo un dia la encendi y ya no quiso agarrar no se como flashear el firmware o que puedo hacer ayuda

  • @davidslacks unplug display entirely and see if you can connect and print from PC. Strange the display would affect PC connection, could be interfering with the serial port, shouldn't but the display is damaged so anythings possible.

    Check it is not damaging the boards. You should still be able to power on and use pronterface /octoprint, to make sure you can still print, without the display attached.

    Crossing fingers for you here.

  • @BaDboD it did and it's ender 5 pro 4.2.2. I ordered a 4.2.7 and it didn't fix the issue completely so now I'm ordering a display. I couldn't get it to print from my PC so lcd it is.

  • @lwsmiser you are correct apparently I shorted out the display and the main board. I bought a 4.2.7 because I've been planning on the upgrade and it now connects to my PC so I'm ordering a display hopefully that fixes it, because I can't get it to print from my PC it shows that it's connected but never connects to the program. Time for octoprint anyways.

  • HI,
    If it is the 4.2.2 board as used in the Ender 3 's then a Stock 12864 display , using original cable, should be plugged into EXP3 on the 12864 display. So it looks correct.

    Did this display work previously on this printer?

    what is the model of the printer?

  • I am not an expert on this but it seems that plugging into the wrong port should not kill your mainboard or your display. Are you sure it is not plugged into the correct port. It should be the one closest to the frame it it is mounted on the right side.1be0d82c-6413-4add-9f18-7d94bf3884fb-image.png

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