PEI Bed, adhesion problem

  • I have purchased a PEI bed for my Ender 3 pro. The pieces come off the bed, which is not the case with the standard bed. Any probable reason?

  • @Felipe I agree with you, I dont like the sanding idea either. PEI it is supposed to just work without all that. If other makers are having the same problem then I think it is clear it is not something you are doing wrong.

    Happy Printing

  • @BaDboD I have not sanded the bed. I understand that since there is an alternative that works for me without doing work, that should be the option. I have set the bed to 110 which is what my ender3 pro gives. I have spoken with a maker in my environment and they have had problems with the PEI bed, I will not use it. The piece always ends up coming loose and I have not managed to make a complete impression.

  • @Felipe I am suprised, by all accounts it should be really good.

    If you tried sanding it and higher than usual bed temperature due to the lower thermal conductivity of the PEI, and cleaning and... all the usual things. Then I have nothing to suggest.

    My line starts issue is only with the PEI. Have not tried your suggestion yet, still trying to get a new printer working.

    I am not printing with ABS. Hopefully some one who is might have some idea what the problem is.

    Good luck.

  • @BaDboD the problem persists. I will use the black one again, because it has never given me problems.

  • @Felipe I certainly will try that, thank you.

  • @BaDboD about z problem. I had the same problem some times. I had solved It Playing with noozle and bed temperature, increase 10°c noozle, and later can put your normal work temperature. Expect than this can help you.

  • @Felipe good luck,
    Something I came accross regarding PEI being a great heat insulator and seeing up to 10 C difference between bed and build plate surface, so maybe a slight raise in bed temp could help ?

    Good luck and pls do let me know what you find.

  • @BaDboD Hi, thanks for your consideration. Bed level or temperature is not a problem. I am working ABS, without problems using the Flex magnetic bed, but creality PEI have made this adhesion problems. Will Clean It as you have said expecting that solve. Thanks a lot.

  • Hi @Felipe , that seems strange, PLA?
    I find starting the print not as easy as other bed types, but once it has started the adhesion is very good.
    By starting I mean as it starts a line it seems to struggle until it manages to get a grip. Z-offset seems more critical for the start of lines at the very start of a print.

    Bed leveling, the mesh will change of course so will need to redo bed leveling as with any change of build surface

    Some suggestion about making sure there is not any protective layer still covering it.
    Maybe give it a wash in soapy water and/or IPA. Ensure not to get fingerprints on it. Touching any build plate with greasy fingers will kill adhesion.

    Bed temp? Creality regularly recommends printing at 60 for PLA, I start a print at 60 then have it drop to 55 or 50, depending, for the rest of the print. Similar;y for the nozzle, 200 at start dropping after first couple of layer to desired.

    Some suggestion about cheap knock off PEI? I use the Creality PEI spring plate with great adhesion except for the actual line starts (again I think the Z-offset appears to be more critical at line start so probably not the PEI problem per se)

    some suggestion about giving a light scrub with 60 grit sandpaper. Don't like the sound of that but they seem to suggest it works great.

    could try using pritt stick, kinda defeats the point though, and bltouch sticks to it which is the only thing I have ever found to stick to pritt stick 🙂 no don't try that.

    Please let me know if you do solve it, might help me with the line starts,

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