Bed Adhesion Issues

  • I received an Ender 3 V2 as a gift in early may, and around mid-June, I started having adhesion problems. Recently (within the last 2 weeks), it stopped adhering completely. I have tried cleaning the bed, replacing the bed, changing the filament, I have a BL touch, and I tried increasing the Z-offset. I've run out of ideas that I can try.

    I'm using a file that I have successfully printed before, sent to the printer, using an octoprint installation that has worked before.

    The first line, on the far left, always successfully prints, but as soon as it gets to the actual object, It doesn't adhere, and it gets pulled around.

    Thanks in advance to any help.

  • I wonder how many hours of printing you have done since you were given this printer, because I had a very similar problem, which was fixed by simply replacing the nozzle:

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