Problem with the microswitch

  • Hey Guys,
    So I put my Ender 3 together and I noticed the microswitch on the Zi assembly was missing the metal tag. Search everywhere for it so I guess it wasn't attached when it was packaged.
    Can someone tell me what microswitch it is so I can buy a replacement and will it be straight forward to put the metal tag in?
    Many thanks.

  • @Johns4Y Hi,
    while the metal tag part does clip off/on (not so easy getting them off without bending them), the switches come as a complete assembly on an easy to replace board. A couple of screws and you can just plug a new switch in no soldering required.

    I would ask at where you purchased the printer first, see if they will send you a new one free. If that would take too long, a quick search for 'Z end stop switch Ender 3' on duckduck should turn up a lot of hits.

    They are very cheap (couple of dollars) as a complete assembly.

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