Ender 3 pro y axis issue

  • Hello,

    My ender 3 pro was working fine yesterday, but when I tried using it today, it had an auto home failure. Upon diagnosing it, I found that all the axis's were working correctly, except for the Y axis. It would rumble and make the noise shown in the video linked. I have checked the wiring, and none of it is loose. Can someone please help?

  • 1, please cross swap XY axis motor line motor end, test Y motor is normal rotation or not?
    2, please change the XY motor line, test the motor case is work or not?
    3, if the motor line and motor are normal, please refer to the video test drive voltage and troubleshooting.

    https://youtu.be/gRNODW_Hx5I Refer to this video

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