Help with extruding problems

  • So last month I purchased a creality cr-10v3 printer and I have recently been having an issue where the print will start for about five minutes and stop extruding filament. Everything still keeps moving but no filament will come out. I have put new nozzles on and unclogged it many times but no results.

  • @BaDboD yes I think it was a temporary probably caused by filament. Anyway, my notes are here:

  • @SteveDee that's a good possibility, more grinding over the same area + filament not up to par for whatever reason. Often get printing issues with old filament or just a bit humid and left out can be a disaster. I have had prints fail when one filament wont stick to another, but I could also blame hot swapping rather than pausing the print in my case.

    Contamination, maybe run a bit through it with filament cleaner thing you clip over the filament and a couple of drops of Olive oil on the sponge? Seems to work when I see nozzle blocks after using certain filaments. Some people dont like oiling, I have only ever seen improvements. but I only use very tiny amounts and not all the time. Just seems to keep the path clear, stops build ups of burnt stuff when leveling at full temp etc. Once a month or so will run a couple prints through with a couple drops on the sponge.

    good to hear you got a handle on it. let us know if cleaning the path solves it.

  • @BaDboD 100% with you on the "eerr, hmm, well, aahhh, but, hmm, no , werent carrying a pig under your..." bit, but I'm not looking for a machine problem.

    At the moment, I think that this grinding filament problem is due to filament.

    I used some Tinmorry black PLA a couple of weeks ago on a dual colour print. The second colour should have been bright pink, but came out as dirty grey pink.

    So at the moment, my working theory is that this black PLA has left some contamination in the filament path.

    I hope to find some more time today to investigate further.

  • @SteveDee eerr, hmm, well, aahhh, but, hmm, no , werent carrying a pig under your left are while playing a flute at the time were you? (makes magical things happen)

    Would seem you need to be constantly extruding in quantity or it clogs. That would suggest overheating at the hotend, maybe hot end fan not running at peak performance, could be heater cartridge/thermistor? Check for a crack in the throat.

  • Quite by chance, I tried printing an object this morning which would have taken > 20hrs to print. So I scaled it down a bit and reduced the infill to 10%.

    The result was a problem similar to the one described; the print started OK. It printed the brim and the model's base, but then it clogged and stopped extruding PLA. However, the printer continued to go-through-the-motions including turning the extruder cog.

    I stopped the printer, cleared the nozzle and increased the % infill by 5% for each of the subsequent print attempts.

    Eventually, with an infill of 35% the print was successful.

    Please note that I am NOT saying that you have to use an infill of a certain percentage to get a successful print (I'm sure I've printed successfully at 20% in the past). I'm only saying that on my printer at the moment I seem to have a similar problem, and that my combination of settings is forcing me to change infill settings.

  • @Insta I think he means this ?


  • @Plustar
    Where are the spring screws located?

  • @SteveDee

    Yes, I’d does

  • Does the cog wheel on the top of the extruder keep turning, even though its not extruding any filament?

  • 1, check the side of the axial fan is normal rotation or not?
    2, replace the new throat, refer to the video to clean the throat
    3, loosen the spring screw of the extrusion clamps, increase the pressure of the gear, making the material better extrusion
    4, the nozzle temperature is properly adjusted to 210 degrees before printing

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