Ender 3 unknown under extrusion problem. Please help

  • Hello, i need desperate help if anyone can regarding 3d printing.. i have looked everywhere and on every forum but with absolutely no luck.
    Problem: my ender 3 printer prints fine at first but as soon as it reaches the infil layers the under extrusion starts upto the point where extruder starts clicking madly without any flow of pla.
    Then i would stop the print and immediately try and run the extruder.. again no flow of pla from nozzle. Now here is the kicker.. as soon as i pull out the filament manually and not all the way just 5 to 10 cm, then i push the filament back in, it start extruding again no problem.(for a like an hour or 30 mins)
    No clogs, no heat creep, no filament leak from heat block and between bowden tube, nozzle is flush and secure, hotend coupler is secure, cooling fan at full capacity, i have even tried the spacer in hotend mod.
    Please someone help
    All i can think is i have to replace the hotend and a new one is on the way but i think this situation is too much of a mystery to be left unsloved

  • If the hotend fan is running fast and fine and you already checked bowden is firm against nozzle and does not move at either end, then I normally find a heater/thermistor issue.

    if you ever remove the grub holding the heater, careful not to overtighten putting it back in, tends to cause shorts in the heater tube which very often leads to a clogging issue. similar with thermistor reataining screw, if the cable moves around the threads on that screw will bite through the cable easily. I file off those threads, makes for a lot less hassle when your changing things around the hotend a lot

    for solving the cause really need to go through the lot up to and including swapping out heater and thermistor individually until you locate the issue.

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