Ender 3 (not V2) with v4.2.2 board - not starting up

  • I purchased this Ender 3 Original with upgraded board from a seller in India. Day 1 when I started the first print, printer shuts down mid-print with no power outage. I tried pulling each wire going towards the board box to see if anything is loose, and the moment I pulled the wire connected to extruder, I see LCD flicker. Sometimes it would switch on If I am holding extruder wire in a certain direction.

    Initial assessment from the seller was that there might be issue in Power Supply (SMPS). Seller sent me a replacement SMPS, after that I did 2 prints and again the same issue started happening.

    This time I opened the board box and saw that there is D3 LED (Blue Light) which flickers when I pull the extruder wire from outside. I searched through few blogs and it seems this led is supposed to be ON when there is power supply in Board. I can see a 24V power supply coming to the board, even passing through the fuse but somehow it is not passing through, towards rest of the board. I am not able to figure out if the issue is with the board, as changing SMPS didn't help, or something else.

    I reached out to the seller who is awaiting response from Creality on this issue. It has been over a week and this thing is sitting like an expensive paper weight.

    I'll be glad if someone can guide on this or have faced a similar issue and share their insights.

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