Silent board 4.27 on Ender 5

  • I have bought this board from amazon which came with ender 3 pre installed. I can't get my ender 5 firmware to install from sd card. I have downloaded the latest from the creality site for my printer in .bin format. It does nothing. All I get is a blank blue screen and the button/knob does nothing. Do I need to install a bootloader to it beforehand?

  • While my earlier reply is still waiting for approval, my luck has turned:

    I haven't used the 512 MB micro SD card on the Ender 5 (Pro) before. Instead I use a micro SD to (normal) SD conversion / extension cable and a 16 GB SD card.

    I added my customised bin file (with date/time in the name) to that card (still containing gcode files etc.), hooked it up, switched the printer on and... had to wait some for the boot screen!

    It DID come back with an Ender 5 Pro home screen!

  • Watching: having the same issue.
    I have an Ender 5 Pro with BL Touch and Hemera Direct Drive.

    I had the BL Touch probing a 3x3 grid on the original 1.1.5 with standard Creality 1.x firmware.
    Then for the Hemera I needed to adjust a few things in the firmware (e.g. TEMP_SENSOR_0). I chose Marlin 2.0.x to do so, but linear bed levelling was no longer an as the firmware would grow too large.

    This is why I replaced the board for a 4.2.7, which came with stock firmware for the Ender 3 Pro.
    I downloaded 2.0.x firmware directly from Marlin, used the example configuration for the Ender 5 Pro (CrealityV427 folder) end applied my changes.

    The code compiled ok (in VS Code) and I copied it to an empty 512MB micro SD card (newly formatted to Fat32, 4096 allocation unit size).
    When I inserted the card in the printer it immediately booted to the Creality/Ender logo and showed "Ender-3 Pro" in the home screen.
    The bin file remained on the card and EEPROM.DAT got added.
    No luck after changing the filename to e.g. "firmware.bin" or "firmware3.bin".

  • Any ideas anyone?

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