Ender 6 part cooling fan never stops

  • I have a new (less than a month old) Ender 6. The part cooling fan never stops running. This is not the fan for the heat break/heat sink, but the fan that blows on the printed material at the nozzle. I have tried turning it off from the display menu, and also by Gcode commands, but it never stops. Sitting idle waiting for work - 100%. Printing - 100%. After printing complete - 100%. It never stops or slows down regardless of the gcode commands or screen inputs.

    I have firmware version with BLTouch (the BLTouch is the only upgrade performed so far).

    Any ideas? Is this a mainboard issue? I have verified the fan is plugged into the correct port on the spray board.


  • @steamcheng The same thing happens to me with any version of cura. When it starts to heat up, the layer fan is activated, no matter what you program.
    with prusaslicer it doesn't happen to me. it works only from the layer you program

  • @steamcheng is this issue resolved? I just set up my ender 6 and my hot end ventilator is always on whenever the printer is powered on till I shut it down

  • I have same problem haven't tried swapping port on main board but did notice that the pin is on the negative side of port dont know if this is right or wrong. At the moment printing alot of petg and have just disconnected the fan from sister board.

  • you can check whether the FAN port on the main board is connected to the controllable fan port.

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