Working Firmware Found?

  • Just noticed CR-10 Smart configuration in the git repo for the CR-6FE community firmware (Marlin).

    woohooo, I might be able to get filament into this printer and maybe even print something. Second replacement and cant trust official firmware not to damge my nozzle and bed again.
    The official firmware also has not been updated for weeks yet it clearly does not work even failing the basics of homing from it's own controls on it's own display.

    I hope the official firmware does get fixed, but I can't wait any longer. It is made usable now or returned for refund, no more replacements as the fault is firmware not hardware.

  • @BaDboD Thanks for your updates, they have been a big help! I will give this a try real soon.

  • Dear @BaDboD

    Thanks for your feedback, I have collected the suggestions from you and send to our product manager who will check the machine and firmware. If we have any updates, we will show it in our official website:

    And I will have a new topic for the update. Thank you for your support.

  • Marlin has support for the BTT SKR CR6 board, which goes in the CR-10 Smart just fine. Now have not only working, but latest and greatest Marlin working perfectly. You will need to ditch the the stock touch for a 12864 CR-10-STOCK display or BTT35-V3.0 or similar., but that is pretty much a given anyway.
    All the cables/connectors are in there already for dumping the built in wifi for something that actually works too! Octoprint or one of the slicers that will print over USB etc. From trash to treasure. 🙂

    Really very good quality prints from this thing. Shame the Creality firmware and wifi do not work.

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