HALOT ONE CL60 not printing

  • I just got a HALOT ONE CL60. I printed the test print that comes with it and it printed fine. When I started to print my own prints using the HALOT BOX software it would only print the supports for the file. The file is in the cxdlp format. I would like some help to find out if I am doing something wrong.

  • Now I also have a Halot-one to test. Lychee Slicer can store a CXDLP format, but you have to bring the data to the printer using a USB stick. Halot-Box cannot read the CXDLP in order to transfer it to the printer via WiFi, only slice it yourself in CXDLP format.
    If I save in the STL or OBJ format in the Lychee Slicer, supports are saved, but no holes and cavities. Unfortunately the Halot-Box can only load STL AND OBJ files.

  • @admin your software not have function fil percents

  • Hi @Atomic_

    Chitu is currently used only for LD series, Halot series only with Halot box and Lychee software released by Lycheeg on August 16.

  • So to clarify we can only use Creality Software for slicing right. That really sucks. Is there a way to convert files to CXDLP format from CHITUBOX? Creality software it slicing crashes a lot. It's garbage minus well returns the dam printer because your slicer sucks.

  • Dear @Rcgigipj

    1, please reinstall halot box, go to our official website to download halot box, www.creality.com/download
    2, choose CL-60 model for slicing

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