CR-10 V3 squeaking noise on filament retraction and extension

  • Just a few minutes back, this few-weeks-old CR-10 V3 started to make a squeaking noise on filament retraction and extension. Then it goes back to silent printing until the next retraction/extension cycle.

    I found a thread on the problem at reddit but no solutions that worked. Any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks.

  • Hi i have two of these printers (Creality CR10 V3) and have exchanged both of them for various other issues, but this squeaking on retraction has happened on ALL FOUR printers i have had. i found TWO solutions. 1. loosening up the screw that goes directly into the gear (there are four screws that hold the clear faceplate onto the extruder fan, the top back screw goes through the extruder gear) when i loosened this is GREATLY reduced the squeaking noise. 2. i found that since it was ONLY happening or mainly happening during retraction, or at least was SO MUCH WORSE during retraction, that i slowed retraction down to 20mm/s and 1mm retraction distance and the noise completely went away.

  • @janderson 1.In the process of retraction and extension, it would produce a certain sound.
    2. If the problem is not solved, please record a video and send a email to , there will be professionals to answer your questions.

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