Halot Sky some issues

    1. The adjustment knob touches the top of the cover and the cover does not close entirely.
    2. I want to adjust a printing parameter through a slicing file, but there is no setting function in CreativeDLP. Can I adjust the printing parameter only on the printer itself? After adjusting the exposure time and lift speed with UVtools, I tried to convert it to a cxdlp file and input it into the printer, but the printer does not seem to be able to read the settings because the overall printing time does not change.
    3. I scanned the QR code to add a printer in the Creativity cloud, but only the message "Device not found" appears.!

  • @GagCharacter

    1, please loosen the cover screws, cover and then tighten the hinge screws, reassemble it

    2, print parameters set on the printer machine, including the bottom exposure time and exposure time per layer, print speed, etc.

  • Dear @GagCharacter

    Please provide a photo of the QR code, send an email to CS email cs@creality.com, our after-sale team will check.

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