elephant foot

  • just got my ender 3 v2 and it have a massive elephant foot problem
    the first 5 layers are approximately 0.25 mm bigger than other layers,
    I used both Prusa and Cura as my slicers
    and calibrated all x, y, z, and extruder steps
    and also lower my bed temp to 40 degrees
    but steel have elephant foot issue
    any suggestion ?

  • Hi. @PMJ Please set the height of the first layer to 0.2mm in slicer.
    Refer to the video on bed leveling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JGLRgsLfHE. The leveling standard is that the distance between the nozzle and the hot bed is 0.1mm, That is the thickness of a piece of A4 paper. If the distance is too low, that will cause the filament to be excessively extruded to form an "elephant leg"

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