Ender 3 Max problem with bl-touch

  • Hi everyone,
    I got my first 3D printer the ender 3 max. I had already purchased the bl touch. In the manual it says its version 2.0. My problem is i can enter any value at the probe z offset but always if i print it seems to be always a space of around 0.7 mm between the nozzle and the bed. So the printer prints in the air. Do you know what i can do?

    1. First confirm the height of the nozzle from the hot bed when the machine is returning to zero.
    2. Then re-level the height of the nozzle to make sure that you can fit through a piece of A4 paper and manually level the hot bed
    3. Finally, set the offset value of Z axis according to the actual printing height by automatic leveling.
      And you can refer to this video https://youtu.be/OS9Ra3RWmUc

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