Auto home issues

  • just had to repace my mainboard on my 5 pro all went well however when i try to auto home it is going too far on the x axis and causing a fault and i have to reset how do i solve this is there an easy way to reset the auto home cordinates

  • @joncdrl
    hi, each axis have a limit switch and so, in 3d, you have 3 switches.. the home position use all of them.. a switch missing, not connected or with a bad contact (always open) will cause a stop by over current (and not precisely where the switch is or should) with the result of offset error (and may grind your strap with a bad sound).. have you tried/found something?

  • Hi, @joncdrl Which version of the motherboard is updated. Please download and upgrade the correct firmware in Creality official website:; check out whether the limit switch line of XYZ axis is installed in place, and then auto home

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