printer undergoes "a stroke" after turning on the led lamp

  • Hi,
    the duration of printing a part is 9.00 hours. after 5 hours i paused the printing since the filament was running low.
    gently i replaced the old filament with the new one and also turned on the led lamp and resume the printing. immediately i saw that something was wrong- it was printing in mid air and the X axis was jamed. sadly i had to stop the printing.
    than i auto leveled with the led lamp still turned on and i notice that something is wrong: according to the screen the printing head should have been on the right side of the plate but in reality it was in the middle, and it didn't manage to return home and gave a warning sign 202 (picture)Capture.JPG .
    than i turned the printer off and on, auto leveled it and started printing again.

    question- why the led lamp had caused the printer "a stroke" ?

  • @doron 202 alarm is homing failed. This alarm is the prompt message that the printer failed to reset successfully within a limited time during homing. 1. Therefore, please use the axis movement parameters first to control and check out whether the XYZ axis works normally. 2. Check the pressure-sensitive function, whether the Z-axis limit switch can trigger normally, and whether the red lamp goes out. 3. Whether the blue lamp of the adapter plate lights up when the nozzle pressure is felt.

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