My printer is moving its axis but not spitting filament

  • I purchase very recently a creality ender-3, and now trying to complete my first print. I try generate gcode with several slicers (Creality slicer, PrusaSlicer, Ultimaker Cura), but so far, I am not being able to do that. The issue is always the same: the printer start to move, like if it was trying to print the object (I am trying this one), but no filament is release bu the nozzle. Also, the printer does not go up on the z-axis, despite I manage to do that manually when try move using the printer menu. In the end (the printer takes about the same time the slicer estimates to complete the operation), the nozzle keeps touching the heated bed, and some marks are left on it (I tought this could be filament residue, but I am using a black filament, and the residue looks white). Anyone can give a tip of how to solve that?

    the settings used to generate the gcode:

    Screenshot 2021-07-28 134011.png

  • @klebermo 1. please refer to the video to clean the throat
    Ender-3 replaces the nozzle with a new one, which can eliminate the white residue
    2. refer to the video leveling
    3. When the material is sent to the nozzle, the filament will be extruded as soon as it is printed. Confirm whether to change the initial Gcode , or print a random gcode file for testing

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