Filament birdsnest at cold end extruder

  • I have only had my Ender3 V2 for about two weeks and so far it has been great, with a couple of exceptions. I had a adhesion problem but found out if you turn the glass bed over and print on the smooth side and set the bed heat to70C it sticks great, as long as the bed tram (levelling) is good. My only problem now is sometimes the filament stops extruding and I will come back to the printer merrily moving around the bed without printing and a birds nest of filament curled up around the cold extruder. This seems to happen on prints where the infill doesn't look right. I use the standard Cura profiles with the bed temp at 70c and now with the infill pattern set to grid. The standard infill pattern I was using is cubic???

    Is this a retraction problem? The filament looks like the gear on the extruder (upgraded to the Silver Creality metal one) is grinding the filament until it breaks and then it quits moving and the birds nest begins.

    I have calibrated the extruder and the flow rate which was actually good as it came. The X and Y axis movement was good as it came also.

    P.S. why is the extruder calibration set to 93mm at the factory instead of 100 mm??????????????

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