Cloud Box will not print to CR-X Pro after latest firmware / 3.02 software update

  • I had everything working, now after the latest box firmware / software update 3.02 ios it will not print to the CRX. It will not work either cloud slicing or transferring from Cura. It says it downloaded, but nothing heats up or moves.

    Can I go back to the old firmware / software? The printer is fine, I am using the same file manually loaded to the SD card and the printer is using the gcode with no issues.

    I have two boxes, the other one is hooked to an ender 3 pro and is working with no issues updated to the latest versions.

    Please help!

  • Just an update, the 3.02 app software is great, this is strictly a box firmware issue. I found the previous version of firmware from April and it works with CRX and the latest 3.02 app. I'm printing through the box again, creality is looking through the logs to see if they can figure it out.

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