New Build E3v2. - motors not working

  • Hi experts,

    I have just built my ender 3 v2, and started the procedure to auto home, as per the instruction manual.

    No motors are working.
    I have tried the z, x and extruder movement and nothing happens.

    I have replaced the cables and tried various permutations.

    The screen, and fan work, and the hotend comes upto temperature, but there is no bed or head movement, not extruder feeding.

    I have flashed to the latest firmware, without any improvements.

    What could be the problem?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi, @cdwilks Is the version of your motherboard V4.2.2? please upgrade the correct firmware in Creality official website if the problem is not solved,please attach the video and send a email to, there will be professionals to help you.

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