E3Max : CR-Touch : Z-Offset and bed leveling problems, Z Axis always travels away from print bed.

  • Im at about my wits end.

    I purchased the official CR-Touch probe thinking it would be supported the best.
    Its got the Silent Board (TMC2208 chip driver). (This is the Ender 3 MAX that was for sale on Woot.com Jul 12, 2021
    Im using the updated Creality firmware for use with the probe.

    power on is good. auto home works.
    move the Z to find the Probe offset
    enter the probe offset into the Probe configuration via the menus.

    Auto home again. Z position looks right.
    go to Level Bed in the menu.
    Probe comes down, Z axis goes UP, pause, goes up some more.
    ... what ...

    ok, power cycle the printer.
    auto home, adjust Z axis again to find the probe offset (just for repeatability sake). Enter the NEGATIVE value of the probe offset.
    Auto Home, Z looks ok.
    go to Level Bed in menu
    Probe comes down, Z axis goes UP, pause, goes up some more.

    I have noticed that the Info Screen says "Leveling Bed 1/9"
    after the Z axis pauses and then continues to move up again, the "leveling Bed 1/9" goes away.

    Am I looking at a bad board? am I being stupid?
    Im seriously about ready to yeet this thing onto some train tracks.

    Im feeling like I have wasted my money, and thats not a feeling I enjoy.

  • @Yolanda-admin except it Auto Homes without issue

  • This is due to the fact that while leveling, the Z axis has been triggered and remains triggered, so the Z axis will move up without stopping. Check the connection and reinstall the BL-touch. Please refer to the installation video https://youtu.be/HPO4oQ0lr48

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