Halot Sky Wifi Connection

  • Dear

    good morning

    I just bought a halot one printer, the printer prints correctly from
    the usb drive, but I can't link the printer via wifi. it connects
    correctly to the wifi network (2.4hgz) and it is verified that it has
    ping from another computer

    update the firmware to the latest version 1.141.23 but when scanning
    the qr code it does not find the printer, a message appears indicating
    that I must configure the network first in the printer.

    since halot box (v2.2.7) does not detect the printer either.

    I hope you can help me with the problem.


  • @Oscar thanks for your image, i need the image of your printer's id number,too. like this:9251374a-df0a-4a5a-a71f-25dd6bea609f-image.png

  • Thank you for responding, I am attaching the requested image.


    Greetings. !

  • hi, Oscar. Our Creative Cloud app is being debugged in the background and cannot be connected temporarily. It is expected to launch a new version of firmware to be connected this week.

    Please provide the qr code and the following picture information for us to record. After debugging the APP, we can record these information, so that the printer can normally connect to APP. thanks!!!889035d6-67db-40ee-8e41-7c9f942c1211(1).jpg

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