Win a Creality 3D Scanner CR-Scan01! Giveaway Again!!!

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    This is our first joint promotion campaign between Banggood and Creality in 2021.

    All fans are welcome to participate in our CR-Scan 01 Giveaway to win A Free CR-Scan 01&Creality Smart Kit&CR Touch&Ender Filaments: !

    Win a Creality 3D Scanner CR-Scan01! Giveaway Again!!!

    How to join(Complete task 1&2 or task 3):

    1. π—Ÿπ—œπ—žπ—˜ & π—™π—’π—Ÿπ—Ÿπ—’π—ͺ and join our group: ;
      Or Follow us on Youtube: ;
      Or Follow us on Instagram: ;
      Or Follow us on Tiktok:οΌ›
      Or Follow us on Twitter:

    2. Watch our stream!

    3. Share a photo or video of your work scanned by CR-Scan 01 on our CR-Scan 01 Official User Group (, and PM us on each platform.

    Feel free to tag or invite your friends so they can join us as well

    All participants and stream viewers will have a chance to win the prizes. Don’t miss out!
    Prizes for winners :

    1st Place: Creality 3D Scanner CR-Scan 011
    2nd Place: Creality Smart Kit
    3rd Place: CR Touch Auto Leveling Kit3
    Lucky Viewers: Ender Filaments

    Steam Time: 21:30 GMT+8(CET 14:30; EDT 9:30) August 12th 2021.

    However, if this post has more than 500 likes and shares, we will stream in advance, in the same week, instead of on August 12th 2021.

    *3D scanned work must be scanned by Creality CR-Scan 01. The packing box or CR-Scan 01 scanner or CR studio software need to be presented in your picture or videos.

    *Creality will contact the winners directly through Messengers for shipping address and other details.

    *This giveaway is not sponsored in any way, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.

    *All rights reserved by Creality.

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