bed adhesion too strong

  • I just purchased a Ender 3 and 3Pro V2. The Ender 3 had the magnetic mat and the V2 has the glass bed. I own a JGAurora A5S and never had this much trouble getting a print off the bed. The magnetic bed had a raft stick to it and wouldn't let go (I didn't) notice the raft was on). I ended up soaking it in rubbing alcohol and basically destroyed it trying to get the raft off. I bought a new mat but am afraid to try it again.
    Now the glass bed. I printed to it and right now I have it soaking in an alcohol bath trying to get that print off. the print split while trying to get it off so now I'm trying to get the first layers off.
    Now I know I can't be the only person out here that is having this problem. I'm heating the bed to 60 degrees C ad printing at 200 as everywhere one suggests but the prints just won't come off. I don't want to scratch the glass and buying these flexible mat/plates can get expensive if I have to keep replacing them all the time. it these some kind of surface prep that needs done to prevent this or something? this problem is really turning me away from wanting to do this hobby and I don't want that to become the outcome. Any help or recommendations would be highly appreciated.


  • Just got the 3 V2 and my first print stuck to the bed like super-glue, but it was because the nozzle was too close to the glass. I redid the bed leveling process leaving a bit more of a gap, especially checking the center, and now my prints come off the glass easily. Hope this helps.

  • My technique is to let the glass plate cool and then stick it in the fridge for a while. This enhances contraction of the plate and the print pops right off. Sometimes even falls off.
    Always clean the plate in warm water, rubbing with 2 drops of dish liquid, rinse and allow to drain, dry only the bottom and edges with paper towel. Let the top surface dry naturally on the bed with heating at 60 C. Never touch the top surface after the rinse.
    No problems with adhesion or release.

  • Hello, @Binderchk We don't recommend you to use alcohol to get that print off, you just need to take off the model with a spatula.When the temperature drops, the model will be easy to take off, which refer to the principle of material expansion with heat and contraction with cold.
    you can heat the hot bed to 60 degrees , and then stick a layer of beauty glue on the carbon crystal silicon glass, which can solve the trouble of replacement and cleaning. beauty glue is sold in the market. After removing the model, replace the new beauty glue.

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