Help With CR6SE and printing a tub

  • Hi, been having great fun printing items and getting the quality reasonable, however i am tearing my hair out trying to work out what is wrong with the attached print on a CR6SE.
    Printing a Skadis 80mm container, and no matter what settings i change (print thin walls, change order and lots of others) the first corner is wrong and i cannot work out what the problem is.
    When setting up in creality slicer or cura, you can see the walls and everything looks ok for each side, yet when printing its doing a thinner wall on the corner as it looks like it is not printing the outerwall, once it gets part way round that side it blends more in. There is a strange banding that occurs in line with the slots that goes around the whole print job as well. The other 3 corners print fine (see good pic).
    Any help or suggestions welcome!.
    bad corner1.jpg GoodCorner-side1.jpeg

  • slowed the speed and also adjusted where the printer was situated, that seemed to have fixed that issue.
    Test prints seem fine (sorry for the rubbish pic) but when printing the 80mm small tray the walls are not consistent all the way around, you can see a "banding" where is looks either offset or slightly thinner between the gaps.
    Thanks again for the help :)!
    Cube testb.jpeg small trayb.jpeg

  • @telephasic To check this, print a calibration cube like this one:

  • Thanks for the comments
    I have been printing at 50mm/s but am trying a print now with no infil and 40mm/s. will update in a few hours.

  • @Targy as far as I know, banding like that is due to vibration in the printer/printhead structure, which is made worse by speed and acceleration -- either high values, or values that cause resonance in it.

  • hello, @Targy It is possible that the printing speed is too fast. Maybe you can change the speed to 50 mm/s.

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