Why Creality engineer does not Fix the VASE mode on their printer yet? (Ender 6)

  • Hello, I just own my Ender 6 for a week and found that it is a very stable machine. I am really impressed by its performance.

    However, when I try the VASE mode, it is another story. I am never done any success print on the vase mode. After finish printing of bottom solid layers, the machine goes jerking step-by-step and not once do a continuously extrude after that.

    I have stuck on this problem for several days, upgrade new firmware, trying to change any related parameters, trying other slicer etc. Before knowing that, it is a common issue that was found on other of their printer as well.

    I got exactly same result with these posts.

    Some information told me to try OctoPrint instead, it can fix the issue immediately. But I just want to simply print it without doing lots of machine modification. The issue surely came from their firmware as well as the VASE mode is not something special just a classical function that can be done by any machine. So, why the new machine like this cannot be operated in this mode? Why don’t they just fix their firmware?

    I really disappoint on this, because I always print large object on VASE mode, and I upgrade my old 3d printer to Ender 6 to print the larger VASE mode object, but it seems to become nightmare right now.

    So, I would like to ask people here for advice. Is there a way to fix this problem without doing lots of modification? Thank you very much for your help in advance : )

  • @Kata
    i saw this yesterday and that concern vase mode (equivalent) on Cura after the first 5 min.. may some details there able to help you?

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