CR-10 Smart filament run out sensor

  • After the non-functional auto-shutdown feature I thought I'd try and see what happened if I let the filament run out midway through a print. Guess what, nothing happens!

    The blue light on the sensor goes out when the filament stops passing through it, but no signal to pause/stop the printer.

    Come on Creality, this isn't your first attempt at a printer, please sort these issues out.

  • hehe, I found a solution to fix all the issues, replace board with SKR CR6 board, replace display with CR-10-STOCK or BTT TFT35 V3 or similar, build Marlin for it.

    You can also download ready built the CR6-Community firmware 6.1 which also has some preliminary support for the stock display, and have announced full support for CR-10 Smart over coming months.

    Everything works as expected and print quality is excellent. From completely non functional trash to fully working treasure. UBL bed leveling that actually works while printing and only needs doing once, what more could you want 🙂

  • Thought I was the only one having this problem. Quite dissapointed with that.

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