Ender 3 extruder gear skipping and "dirty"

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    I'm new in this forum so sorry for any mistakes.

    A short summary of my questions:

    1. how to fix my extruder skipping
    2. why the gear is getting so "dirty"

    I own an ender 3 since few years and recently it started to have some troubles, which made me change the extruder feeder into an metal one (mk8 something).
    The extruder gear is skipping during my print ( before i changed the feeder it occured much more often). I don't know if the spring is too tight ? Or maybe need to change the bowden tube, because I'm using one now with a thinner wall than before changing the feeder, so maybe the coupling of the Bowden tube is getting the filament too tight to extrude through (?). When i tried tu pull he filament through there, i felt it was very tight. When i tried another end of the filament which didn't go through the Extruder it seemed to go through without any trouble.
    I changed the Bowden tube ( same kind, just a clean one) and kept the nozzle at around 200 degrees being afraid of kind softening the tube and getting it tighter than it should (?).

    My second question is, why is the extruder gear getting so dirty of filament ( i don't know the vocabulary in english lol, but you can see that in the picture I attached). As i remember, when i had the old feeder, it didn't get so dirty like now. Also it's spreading everywhere on the feeder like lil flies lol.
    What might be the problem?

    Thank you in advance


  • @tfb_46

    1. The extruder jumps during printing, please loosen the screw of the extruder properly

    Refer to the video to clean the Heatbreak:

    1. It is normal for the extrusion gear to have a little consumable residue, and it needs to be cleaned in time to prevent slippage.
    2. If the extruder jumps after adjusting the screws of the extrusion clamp, please provide a video for analysis

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