Extrusion problem with dual-gear upgrade

  • I have an Ender 3 v2. I upgraded my extruder with a dual gear aluminium kit. I configured the e-steps to be perfect, and have re-confirmed this.

    But I have the following issue: especially when large continuous surfaces are filled in, the filament sometimes "slips", and then for a short time little or nothing comes out of the nozzle, until the extruder has pushed it back up to the tip.

    My assessment was that it was overextruding, building up pressure at the nozzle tip, and then that pressure would be released by the filament slipping back. I don't know if that is true, though.

    I'm fairly confident that the new extruder gears are not at fault. They seem to be running smoothly and without any visible problems.

    I reduced the flow rate, and that seemed to lessen the problem, but then you see the under-extrusion on the product.

    So I'm not sure what to do here. I can't think of anything else to check. Any help would be appreciated.

  • sounds a bit like partial clogging, make sure your nozzle is tightened firmly against the bowden tube. If this is 'leaking' you will get partial clog then a clunk (the extruder letting go due to clogged, or the clog suddenly clearing once it has warmed up enough) and the clog clears and continues printing until it happens again, with missing bits of lines and uncontrollable stringing. If you are seeing a lot of stringing this is a good indicator. Make sure it is also firm at the extruder and not moving around in the connector.

    Retractions should be ~6.5mm @ 25mm/s or so, if your way over that it can also cause this partial clogging behavior, If you need it much higher than this to stop stringing then it also suggests your bowden is not firmly butted up to the nozzle or is loose and moving around generally.

    It is just a guess but your symptoms fit. Do let us know what you find regardless so we can add it to our list of possible causes 🙂

  • Hi, @psyonara It's possible that the printing speed is too fast.
    1.Make sure that there is no problem in extruding by extruder and the extrusion clamp is not loose;
    2. Change the slicing parameters, Layer height: 0.15 mm, Wall Thickness: 1.2 mm, Top/Bottom Thickness: 1.2 mm,
    infill: 15%~25% (adjusted according to your own needs), printing speed: 50~60mm/s, nozzle temperature (PLA): 200~210, bed temperature (PLA): 45~55, support type: ( all support), adhesion type: bottom grid(adjusted according to your own needs),retract speed:60~80mm/s, retract length: 6~8mm, Keep the remaining parameters as default

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