Inability to feed filament in a certain area

  • Hello, I bought the Ender 5 plus. There is no problem in test prints. But when I get big prints, when the nozzle comes to a certain area, the filament cannot be received and only those parts of the print are left blank, what do you think is the reason? I am using PLA, and in my settings nozzle temperature is 185, bed temperature is 45.

  • @oguzmuay
    have you some tension/resistance on the filament when that happen? (may your extruder tension knob need to tuned)

  • hello @oguzmuay According to the description, there is a problem with the slice Settings. 185 ℃ and 45℃ are the temperature of preheating, when printing,the nozzle temperature is set to 200℃ and the hot bed is 60 ℃ .

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